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aerc for mail = nice

Aerc is an email client for the terminal that’s quite easy to set up and use. I use it with mbsync and abook.

simple abook integration

If you use abook you’ll probably want to compose mail to people in your address book. cd ~/.config/aerc and edit aerc.conf. Add a line:

address-book-cmd=sh -c '/usr/local/bin/abook --mutt-query "%s" | tail -n +2'

And for that familiar keybinding used to add contacts to abook (as with mutt), edit binds.conf. Under the [view] section, add a line:

a = :pipe<space>-m<space>abook<space>--add-email-quiet<Enter>

In aerc’s view pane I can type a and :pipe -m runs the abook command that adds the contact. nice!

For more info, see the wiki.